Near Term Active (NTA) Strategies


Gresham’s Tangible Asset Program® (TAP®), is a long-only, diversified, tangible commodity futures investment strategy with a 30-year real-time track record.  The TAP methodology balances rules-based construction with market-driven implementation and is designed to maximize return through effective trading and minimize volatility by constraining sector and individual commodity weightings as well as a systematic interim rebalancing strategy.

A Diversified Pool of Tangible Commodities            (2017 Weights)

Source: Gresham Investment Management LLC.
Note: The above weightings show what a Separately Managed Account’s (SMA) target weightings would be.  SMAs are offered to qualified eligible investors that meet minimum investment requirements.  Commodity weights are reset annually and without investor notification.

TAP strategies are operated through Gresham NTA, one of two distinct, separate and independent trading groups that implement Gresham strategies in conformance with exemptive relief provided under CFTC Rule 150.3(a)(4).  NOTE THAT, LIKE MOST INVESTMENT PRODUCTS, GRESHAM'S PROGRAMS INVOLVE RISK AND CAN RESULT IN LOSSES AS WELL AS PROFITS.  PAST PERFORMANCE RESULTS ARE NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

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