Term Structure Monetization (TSM) Strategies

TSM & MTA Programs

In addition to TAP, Gresham also provides programs to qualified investors designed to offer enhanced commodity index exposure.  Our Term Structure Monetization and Mid-Term Active (collectively “TSM”) strategies began trading in August 2004, and are designed to generate excess return over their respective benchmarks by monetizing relative value opportunities in the commodity futures markets.

TSM strategies are operated through Gresham TSM, one of two distinct, separate and independent trading groups that implement Gresham strategies in conformance with exemptive relief provided under CFTC Rule 150.3(a)(4).  NOTE THAT, LIKE MOST INVESTMENT PRODUCTS, GRESHAM'S PROGRAMS INVOLVE RISK AND CAN RESULT IN LOSSES AS WELL AS PROFITS.  PAST PERFORMANCE RESULTS ARE NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

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