What Sets Us Apart

resham is distinguished by its singular focus on commodities as an asset class.  We seek to provide our investors with unique, commodity futures-based strategies that offer maximum returns with equity-like volatility.   We have been pursuing this goal since the firm’s foundation, compiling a 30-year actual track record for our Tangible Asset Program (TAP).  No other long-only commodity portfolio manager has comparable experience.  The commodity programs we provide have defined advantages over commodity indices and long-only funds, including:

An investment team with a combined 300 years of commodity investing

Broad, fully collateralized commodity exposure

Interim rebalancing designed to reduce volatility (for TAP only)

Historically better risk-adjusted returns than the DJ-UBSCI and the S&P GSCI

The longest track record*

Proven implementation alpha vs. indices*

*Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Note: Minimum initial investment for SMA business is $50 to $100 million depending on the strategy.

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