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GreshamQuant Managed Futures is the continuing evolution of the firm’s mission to deliver investor solutions across the commodity and managed futures universe. We are a research-driven investment team with a singular focus on systematic absolute return strategies. Our approach combines the rigorous application of statistics and data science to a diverse set of markets, coupled with respect for the inherent uncertainties of forecasting financial markets. The GreshamQuant  team couples deep cross-asset and alternative markets experience with modern trend following technology, robust risk management and portfolio construction, and proprietary alpha research. Led by Gresham’s Head of Systematic Strategies, J. Scott Kerson, MA, and Chief Scientist, Thomas Babbedge, PhD, MSci, FRSS, FRAS, our skill set and investing experience extends far beyond the traditional commodity markets. And, as with all of Gresham products, our clients can rely on an institutional asset management framework, including regulatory, compliance, and security controls.


The GreshamQuant Managed Futures team currently manages the following strategy:
Alternative Commodity Absolute Return (ACAR)


  • Babbedge & Kerson 2019 “Trend’s not Dead (It’s just moved to a trendier neighborhood)”.
    • In this white paper, GreshamQuant examine the low performance of mainstream market trend following over the past decade. The reason for this was not found to be due to over-crowding or a breakdown in the trendfollowing process itself, rather, it was due to a change in the behavior of those markets. By using a novel dataset of alternative commodity markets, GreshamQuant show how a set of simple selection criteria can identify a set of markets with inherently higher ‘trendiness’.


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